graphic-tabletI’ve come to the slightly horrible (?) realisation that if I’m going to get any bloody drawing done on a regular basis with my current new day job and lifestyle, I’m going to have to start going digital.. Well, at least a little bit anyway..

Unlike a lot of my peers, I have always resisted the move. Much preferring traditional methods of pencil and pen for the actual drawing process and while I have been slightly mocked for this by other artists, I have always stuck to my guns and bleated out reasons of ‘feel’ and ‘tactile feedback’ and other such nonsense for what is essentially my stubbornness.

Considering i work daily with computer based drawing packages (AutoCAD, Microstation, 3D max, Revit etc..), i suppose i just want to preserve something that exists in a physical form rather than a virtual one.. I love having an actual inked drawing on a sheet of bloody paper rather than a sensibly named .psd file on a cloud drive somewhere in India, it just makes it more ‘real’ for me. I know in the rational part of my brain (a small part i grant you) that the effort and creativity is the same regardless of medium and you can’t really argue with the results since the majority of comic, manga and animation is digitally created now but, well, meh! It just grinds a bit off my soul to know that golden age of creation is slipping away..

So, if it pisses me off that much, why change? Simply put – time. With software SO much improved these days it will more than half the time to ink a page and with the linework in vector, massive more time savings for shade/colour and editing.. and if i can find a system that can at least mimic the process of pencil sketching then that will save the effort of scanning and cleaning too. So with the pros outweighing the cons i guess it’s time to embrace the fucker :/

One little bonus is i get to go play with loads of tech in my hunt for the perfect portable drawing system and i do love screwing around with new tech ^_^

Still pissing me off though…

Well, that went well…

sexykisses02I really didn’t want the second post here to be just some whiny bitchfest so lets just sum up the last couple of months like this:

isp’s are robbing ass clowns, talktalk are the worst internet providers on earth (though i do have to give utter props to the sadistic genius who created their customer services automated phone system.. Well played sir, well played *golf clap*) and life gets suddenly very interesting when you go into your day job on a Monday morning to be told the company is suddenly going into administration…
Other things have happened but that’s basically the gist..

So, after an astounding three month false start, we continue..

To address the most asked question: yes, i will be continuing High Maintenance and yes i will finish it.. There will be a bit of faffing with some of the uglier of the early pages and a bit of dialogue tweaking but for the most part we will be carrying straight on where we left off before my entertaining meltdown.. No set release schedule, it’s going to be as and when at least until the new day job settles down..

The house of Yuri will also be starting back up so expect plenty of happy GL shortly now we have internets again ^_^

We also have spiffy mobile capacity now so there’s that…

Standby ready…..

yuri 001*looks around shiftily*    *clears throat*   “Ahem”

Once upon a time there was a ‘relatively’ strange woman with a website. She used it to jot down her thoughts, opinions and general head spam and a few entertained or bemused people would chime in with their thoughts as well..   it was quite fun..

This was back in the early days of the internets before anyone had coined the term ‘blog’ and you still had a futuristic little box bleeping like R2D2 to connect to rouge FTP servers and download Urusai Yatsura hentai..    it was a simpler time with a lot of pixilation..

She also liked to draw comic books and wherever possible depict the pure and beautiful love that exists between two (or more) woman in a fairly graphic manner..

Over the years the site changed with the current zeitgeist, hobbies became businesses, souls were bought and sold, others joined in and left abruptly and once all the smoke and debris had finally cleared the woman was left a shuddering ruin of her former self in an artistic coma and decided to hide from the world for a bit..

..long story short, i’m back!!  Just me, my diseased brain and a desire to inflict myself on the world once again.

Many things are planned, some may even pan out and be mildly entertaining so do bare with me while a learn worpress and make things in here look pretty.

I will be re-vamping some of the old stuff, finally finishing some of the stories and comics and starting a new and grand project. So pretty much business as usual but with a whole lot less stress this time!

I’ll continue some regular mind rot (blog) posts while i get everything else up together so at least you have that to look forward too  ¬_¬